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ASBOG Foundation
The National Association of State Boards of Geology Foundation
The ASBOG Foundation
What it is:
The ASBOG Foundation was formed in 2007 to provide the opportunity for sponsorships that are fully deductible as an ordinary business or trade expense in support of the national geology examinations. This foundation provides support for ASBOG® (The National Association of State Boards of Geology®) and its activities.
What it does:
The goal of the ASBOG Foundation is to establish a multi-million dollar endowment the earnings from which are to fund the development and administration of the national geology examinations which are currently required for licensure in 29 states and territories of the United States.
The Foundation through ASBOG® provides support for:
Subject matter experts to develop, review, and evaluate the examinations with appropriate specific geological expertise, areas of practice and geographic representation. We believe that the people who prepare the examination questions must be the very best in the profession.  In the past, travel costs have limited the availability of these experts.  Our first objective is to provide money to ASBOG® to pay the travel costs to get these individuals to the meeting where the examination questions are written.  As we grow our endowment, we believe we can assist ASBOG® with other examination costs that are presently being borne by the participant.  We will be successful when the price of the examination to the participant is stable and not a barrier to new geologists wanting to enter the profession.

How you can help:
Support the geological profession, the public, ASBOG®, and yourself by sponsoring the ASBOG Foundation in one or more of the following ways:
Tax Classification:
The Foundation is exempt from income taxation under the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)6. Accordingly, sponsorships are not donations and are not tax deductible by you as a gift or donation. Although the Foundation believes that sponsorships are fully deductible as an ordinary business or trade expense, we recommend that you consult your accounting department or your tax professional regarding any circumstances that would affect you differently.

Your sponsorship is important:
Please send your check in support of your sponsorship of the ASBOG Foundation to
The ASBOG Foundation
Post Office Box 12711
Columbia, South Carolina 29211
(803) 739-8881
FAX (803) 739-8874
For additional information contact
  • John Williams, President; Phone: 650/224-9015
  • Rick L. Ericksen, Treasurer
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